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Our branch is run by a committed group of individuals who believe passionately in public services and the public sector ethos.

We represent over 10,000 members in Bradford Council, and those employees engaged in delivering public services allied to the Council, such as Bradford Community Housing Trust, Serco, Care Trust, in addition we have members in Further Education Colleges and the Community and Voluntary Sector within the City.

2019: The year of young workers


Millennials: Avocados, flat whites and Instagram – right? Not quite. The hipster characterisation masks a much starker reality for the houseless generation. Most young workers are contending with low wages, insecure jobs and no voice at work. They need trade unions more than ever. This is why UNISON has voted to make 2019 the year of young workers.

A new suite of resources are available to help you communicate with young workers.

Latest News

New contracts at BDAT (15/05/19)

As you will be aware, significant progress has been made recently in the dispute with BDAT regarding the issuing of new contracts. We are writing to thank our members for being part of a campaign which has achieved its main aim of protecting key NJC (Green Book) terms and conditions for support staff. Sick pay will no longer be capped in disciplinary/capability situations – as had previously been proposed by the Trust – and a revised new contract is now being sent out to this effect.

Although UNISON is not in agreement with the need to issue new contracts, given that our main negotiating aims have been achieved it would not be appropriate for us to continue the collective dispute and ask you to take industrial action. Neither are we now advising members to refuse to sign the new contracts en masse.

Instead, if you have any remaining concerns about the contract – particularly in relation to any rights you may have under TUPE from previous schools – then we would ask you to contact the branch office on 01274 513170 and individual assistance will be provided, including at any meetings you may have at your school.

Following an intervention by UNISON about a discrepancy between the new teaching and support staff contracts, we understand that the Trust will have included in the covering letter permission to strike out the following sentence on page 3: "BDAT reserves the right to amend the BDAT Pay Policy at any time”. We would suggest that members cross out this sentence if they decide to sign the new contract and keep a copy of the covering letter for the record.

Bradford UNISON would once again like to thank all our members for helping us to protect your terms and conditions.

If you have any remaining queries at this stage, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will continue to have ongoing dialogue with the Trust about this issue and so any outstanding concerns can be raised if necessary.

With best wishes

Linda Crowther
Donna Willoughby

2019 National Executive Council (NEC) Elections Timetable (18/04/19)

Notification of voting
Ballots are to take place for contested seats on the National Executive Council

NB unopposed candidates are not confirmed until the election results have
been declared by the Returning Officer on 4 June 2019.

Voting Process
Members not on the UNISON central membership system on 15 January 2019 will
not be eligible to vote in these elections. Only full members are eligible to vote in this

Ballot papers
Ballot papers will be sent to members’ home or other notified address. Members will
be provided with a pre-paid envelope for the return of the ballot paper to the
Independent Scrutineer. All voting will be by post.

The dispatch of ballot papers to individual members will begin on 15 April 2019.

Where members have previously requested (via the RMS) materials in a special
format e.g. in large print, they will automatically receive the ballot pack in that format.
Any additional requests should be made to the ballot helpline.

Ballot Helpline
If individual members have not received a paper by 29 April then they should
contact the ballot helpline operated by UNISONdirect on the following telephone
number: 0800 0857 857.

Members with hearing difficulties can use text-phone 0800 0 967 968.
Members should try to have their membership number to hand when telephoning.
The latest point at which members can request a ballot paper is 12 noon on 14 May.

Please note that the ballot helpline can only deal with queries from individual
members. If branches believe there is a wide-scale problem with receipt of ballot
papers amongst their members (for instance if whole departments or geographical
areas have not received ballot papers) then the branch should contact their regional

Close of ballot and result
The deadline for receipt of ballot papers by the Independent Scrutineer is 5pm on
Friday 17 May 2019

The results will be available on 4 June 2019 and the successful candidates will take
office at the close of National Delegate Conference 2019

Church leaders call for solution over Bradford School Trust (BDAT)
(Yorkshire Post 26 March 2019)

You can read the article in the Yorkshire Post here...


National Joint Council (NJC) Pay Award 2019 – Bradford Council assimilation arrangements (25/03/19)
Bradford Council is in the process of finalising arrangements to implement the second year of the 2018-2020 NJC pay award. The NJC pay bargaining arrangements cover the vast majority of local government and school employees and, from 1 April 2019, there are new national pay scales coming into operation.

Bradford Council are contractually obliged to implement the 2019 national pay award and this will see employee pay rise by at least 2%. However, all current pay points up to national spinal column point (scp) 28 - i.e. the top of Bradford Council’s Band 8 – have been remodelled at a national level. This means that the increases for those employees on scp 28 and below are more complex. The two documents that can be found attached show the following:

Appendix A pdf logo - shows the full Council Pay & Grading structure and the revised Bands up to Band 8. The new additional spinal column points are shown in shaded yellow.

Appendix B pdf logo - shows how employees will be assimilated to the new pay spine on 1 April 2019:
Column 1 (in blue) shows the new salary & hourly rate for employees who are NOT entitled to an increment on 1 April 2019.
Column 2 (in red) shows the new salary & hourly rate for employees who are entitled to an increment on 1 April 2019. The SCP shown includes the April increment, where entitled

UNISON can confirm that the Council’s proposals constitute a correct assimilation to the new national pay scales, but we would also like to give members the opportunity to discuss the new pay arrangements so that you are clear on what to expect in your April pay packet(s) and we can address any queries.

A meeting will therefore take place between 12.30pm and 1.30pm on Thursday 28 March at the UNISON Branch Office (21-23 Neal Street, Bradford, BD5 0BX). All UNISON members employed by Bradford Council are welcome and the meeting would be particularly useful for those members on Band 8 and below. We appreciate we will have members who cannot attend this meeting - if this is the case and you want to discuss anything about the new pay arrangements then please contact the branch office on 01274 513170.


AGM 2019 - all the details here... (13/02/19)

You can find all the details and timetable for the Bradford UNISON Annual General Meeting here...

Annual General Meeting - Wednesday 20th March 2019

Bradford City Hall, The Banqueting Suite,
Council Chambers, BD1 1HY
12.00 - 12.30 for lunch (free)
AGM to start at 12.30 and not to last longer than an hour
APF Meeting follows at 1:30pm
(only Affiliated Political Fund payers may attend)

Branch AGM and Election Timetable

  • Motions, Rule Amendments, Branch Officer Nominations, Steward Nominations, Convenor Nominations to be received by noon on Friday 28th December 2018. (12 weeks prior to AGM)
  • Ballot Forms for Branch Officer/Convenor/Steward Elections distributed Friday 11th January 2019 (if required)
  • Close of election period Noon on Friday 25th January 2019
  • Amendments to motions/Rule Changes to be submitted by Noon Friday 18th January 2019
  • Final Agenda distributed Friday 9th March 2019. (2 weeks prior to AGM)
  • AGM Wednesday 20th March 2019
'There for you' newsletter - March 2019 published
BDAT Seeks to Impose New and Worse Contracts on Staff (05/03/19)

Notice to members who are BDAT Employees:

The Bradford Diocesan Academies Trust, has been consulting on introducing a new contract of employment since the autumn. Your existing contract is made up of nationally and locally agreed terms and conditions and rates of pay, which are used by the vast majority of employers of teachers and school support staff.
We have worked as hard as we can to persuade the Trust not to move away from these national conditions. With your support, we have persuaded it to withdraw some of the most sweeping proposals to reduce your rights, but it has been determined to make some changes.BDAT has now decided, as we would not agree to a negotiated amendment of the existing contract for all staff, to try to impose them by the different legal route of issuing you with a new contract and asking you to accept it as an individual.

This week, we met BDAT in a Conciliation meeting with ACAS for the second time. It became clear that they were determined to worsen sick pay in a way that we felt that we could not agree to on your behalf. They then took off the table some other changes that we thought were agreed, which would have improved their original proposals, and announced their intention to ask all staff individually to sign up to the version of the contracts that is currently on their website.

Please read the full letter here...


UNISON Offer: Avenue Q at Alhambra Theatre - Tuesday 26th March 2019

Avenue Q

Sports & Social Events 2019 (05/02/19)
Local Government Pay Rates - from April 2018 to 31 March 2020 (26/06/18)

You can download the Local Government Pay Rates - from April 2018 to 31 March 2020 here...


School Uniform Grants

UNISON Welfare

Get help with cost of school uniforms: Closing date 19 July 2019 (13/5/19)

Families living on low incomes with children struggle constantly to make ends meet – and this can be particularly acute before the new school year begins when the extra costs hit hard.

But it’s not all bad news – help IS available. The union’s welfare charity There for You has once more set up a limited fund to help members on low incomes towards the costs of school uniform through a one-off payment of £40.

The process is very similar to previous years and an amount of money has been ring-fenced to support this initiative. However, once it’s gone it’s gone!

So don’t miss out. Apply early and send your form and supporting paperwork in as soon as possible. All the information you need can be found below. Alternatively, contact UNISON Direct on 0800 0857 857 for a form to be sent to you.

Just one more thing please don’t keep details of this grant a secret. Help us to help even more members and let your work colleagues know that help is at hand. There will be many, like you, worrying about how they will be able to afford uniforms to send their children back to school in the Autumn.

Completed applications need to be sent to There for You, UNISON Centre, 130 Euston Road, London, NW1 2AY by Friday 19 July 2019 at the latest.